• Testimonial 1

    “In our view Element26 stands head and shoulders above other film makers, largely because of their ability to adapt and flex to meet the client’s brief”

    Toby Fairs-Bellam
    Head of Kick It Stop Smoking Service, UK

  • Testimonial 2

    'Element26 has provided us at ISIS Papyrus AG with profesionally produced videos since 2007, capturing the mood and energy of several high profile customer events and demo presentations'

    Freddie van Rijswijk, ISIS Papyrus Software AG, Austria

  • Testimonial 3

    'Our TV campaign has defintley become higher profile since we began working with Element26 and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending their services to others.'

    James Seton, Optimax, UK

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  1. About us

    Thank you for visiting the Element 26 website! We are a London based strategic video consultancy and a highly versatile video production company located in EC1. 

    Our award winning creative team have a wealth of experience producing integrated video content within three distinct areas: Marketing, Advertising and Publishing. We call this our Production M.A.P!

    Whether you're seeking to drive engagement, create customer advocacy or generate sales, Element 26 is the ideal company to tell your story using video. 

    If you have any questions about our video content or would like to request a FREE CONSULTATION then please get in touch on 0207 628 7857


    Using Video

    At Element 26 we're passionate about using video. The emotional connection, combined with the ability to both see and hear what we're being told makes video the ideal tool for both conveying your message and for building advocacy.

    'Ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising' - Nielsen.com

    Using video correctly means defining the right strategy to meet your aims and objectives. At Element 26 we believe in a no compromise approach to development, production and distribution which means working closely with our clients to pre-define their audience and to focus their video on the things that really matter.

  2. News

    New Commissions!


    Element 26 have won two new commissions. One a music video, another broadcast commercial. Look out for a our crews shooting around London and Essex over the next month!

    The New Kid On The Block!


    Element 26 has launched a brand spanking new website and moved into a new facility on City Road. We will be adding more content and news shortly however in the meantime, we hope you enjoy taking a look around the site. For...

  3. Solutions

    At Element 26 we produce high quality video content within three areas; Marketing, Advertising and Publishing. If you're new to using video we understand how deciding on what type of video to create can be a little daunting. 

    Below we've produced a short guide to the different types of video we produce at Element 26 which is designed to make the process of determining which videos to make a little less challenging.


    Marketing Videos are primarily B2B tools which can be broadly divided into two categories:

    Conversion Videos are those videos aimed at converting viewers into something else - typically this can be driving sales, reducing customer returns or generating likes/followers online.

    Educational Videos are those videos which we create to provide thought leadership, to demonstrate a product/service or to convey a business success story.  


    Above the line advertising is usually defined as being either a brand led commercial or a direct response commercial. 

    Brand Led Commercials are designed to increase the visibility of a brand or product. It is not only important that these videos are seen but that they are seen in the right places. Brand Led Commercials can be a potent tool when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign and are a brilliant method to extend the customer journey online.

    Direct Response Commercials are designed to generate a swift and specific responses from an audience. The most important part of any direct response campaign is that the results are easy to attain and are quickly measurable.

    New to Direct Response Commercials?

    Element 26 can assist you with both getting your commercial to air as well as generating a bespoke telephone number which can then be used to track the performance of your commercial. Get in touch to find out more!


    Publishing is our below-the-line, non-broadcast category, encompassing video in social as well as in e-learning.

    Below-The-Line advertising is rapidly becoming an interesting place for businesses and brands to speak to their audience because it extends the customer journey online. 

    Understanding 'Social' is essential in developing an integrated marketing campaign which can help our viewers to invest further into a brand, business or product.  By predefining an audience and taking a targeted approach, your video content can reach a far wider audience which can be used to generate customer advocacy. 

    In E-Learning we have created a variety of products to be housed both online as well as delivered via optical media such as DVD.  Our E-Learnig content for Livewell UK was award nominated by BETT in 2012 and has played in schools all around the UK



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  5. Contact

    We get pretty excited whenever we start talking about video here at Element 26. This enthusiasm is born out of our passion for telling stories and for helping business such as yours reach it’s objectives.

    We’re a really friendly bunch so why don’t you give us a call now or drop us an email to see how we can assist you bring your video work to life!


    TEL: +44 (0)207 628 7857